The Future is Personal

Technology that helps the world make better decisions

Technology should work with you, not the other way around

At Comayers, we believe software has the power to improve our everyday lives, but too often we're stuck trying to make things work rather than letting them help us. Instead, we're building software that learns about you and accommodates your needs.

We leverage data and analytics to understand consumers better than ever, and use our insights to arm them with the best tools and information to make their everyday decisions. And by understanding consumers on a personal level, we further enable businesses to understand and interact with their ideal customers.

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GamePlan recommends places to eat, drink, and hang out with friends based on your personality and context, such as time and transportation.

With GamePlan, users can create and participate in real-time, collaborative group decisions. The app runs atop Comayers' proprietary decision platform to learn about and apply user tastes and preferences to every recommendation.

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Our story

In early 2015, four friends and coworkers joined forces to realize a shared vision for a more personalized and connected world, where technology helped consumers and businesses more than it hindered them, and Comayers was born. We started building a platform that uses a unique form of metadata to compare people's tastes, preferences, and context with the world around them, and we're now excited to bring the first application of our platform to the market with the GamePlan app.

The Comayers team is proudly headquartered in Philadelphia and based in Philadelphia and Rotterdam. We are passionate about our mission of helping the world make better decisions, and we use our diverse backgrounds and skillsets to make it happen. If you're interested in being a part of the Comayers story, drop us a line and we'll be glad to talk.

We're writing about our experiences as an early-stage startup on our blog, A Peek Behind the Curtains.